Jubilant PM snubs World Cup Bid critics and celebrates Cornish birth

David Cameras-on was celebrating in the waves at dawn this morning following the unexpected birth of his fourth child.

As Sam Cam rested in hospital, her husband couldn’t contain his joy and rushed down to the Cornish shore with a frisbee for a good old-fashioned frolic.

Beating his chest and hooting in a Tarzan style, the PM stripped off his clothes and ran across the beach before plunging into the icy sea.

With holiday-makers, scavengers, men with metal detectors, and other voters looking on, Cameras-on was down to a tight pair of red Speedos before you could say ‘I’ll have a cornetto with two scoops, please.’

The swimming briefs, which bore the message ‘Back the Kid’, have been interpreted as a direct snub to those who criticised him for not breaking his holiday and leaving his wife’s side yesterday to support the ‘Back the Bid’ campaign.

“Quite clearly he had other things on his mind,” said one outsider. “Yes Fifa were in London, yes our bid needs all the support it can get, but so does his wife and his needy babies. And I’m not just talking about Nick and George.”