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Big Ben goes digital for London 2012

They had worked tirelessly to keep it a secret, but the scaffolding came down yesterday evening as Boris Johnson unveiled the shocking new face of London`s most famous landmark: Big Ben has gone digital.

Sources from inside the Mayor’s office have revealed that the London congestion charge will be increased to £20 next month in order to subsidize the costly new feature, justified to the taxpayer as a crucial part of the 2012 Olympic games.

“Big Ben will to be eventually moved to Olympic Park so that it can become the official time keeper of the summer games,” said Johnson.

“Marrying an iconic London landmark with this state of the art stadium will show the world London means business. During the games, members of Parliament will each be awarded a special edition Casio watch so that the move will not effect their ability to know what time it is.”

Other plans submitted by the IOC board included using the Sovereign’s Orb for the shot put, Tower Bridge as the launching point for the aquatics high dive and the Covent Garden lavatories for the hand ball contest.

When asked what will happen to Big Ben after the games are over Johnson said, “Big Ben has been customized so that it can calculate with a precision of one thousandth of a second. This has significantly added to the cost of the project. As a result, we will be renting it out to future Olympic and Commonwealth games in other parts of the world to help recoup some of the costs. Time, literally, may fly.”