Jordan changes name to Palestine

jordan changes name to palestine

As tensions remain high in the Middle East, funbags phenomenon and full-time reality TV concept Jordan has weighed in with a desperate measure to secure peace in the region.

“I am changing my name to Palestine,” she announced to paparazzi at 2 a.m last night.

“Not only will this provide an alternative homeland for the refugees, but it will bring their plight almost daily coverage in the tabloid press. It’s too easy for the public to forget about what’s going on. This way they will always be kept abreast of the situation.”

Dismissing concerns that Hamas will then be in control of her strips, the courageous lifestyle pioneer demonstrated how she would evade attack from the Israeli army by jumping into the back of a limo.

“See?” she told onlookers, “Easy. Anyway it’s not so much the tanks I’m worried about – it’s the settlements. Potentially they could wind up costing me a fortune. That’s why I am going to have a cracking legal team, and if there’s any hanky panky on the cards they’ll have to sign a pre-nup.”