Office Christmas Party: Health & Safety

Health and Safety News: As December begins, conversation amongst office workers turns to talk of just one thing: how long before Wagner makes a porno? That, and the office Christmas party. First invented in 1988, when Mirror owner Robert Maxwell let starving journalists taste some crumbs from a mince pie he was eating, the office Christmas party is now a firm British tradition, along with roast dinners and letting Loose Women continue.

But with joy and season’s greetings also comes death and near fatal wounding – the office party can be a dangerous affair, just ask the estimated 13,500 men who have to pull shards of photocopier glass from their buttocks every year – and the estimated 13,500 women who drunkenly kiss men with shards of photocopier glass in their buttocks. With this in mind, The Poke has created this useful guide to Christmas office party Health & Safety. Make sure you print it out and proudly display it in the office kitchenette so that everyone stays safe this Christmas.

For a printable Healthy and Safety notice for your office kitchenette, click here