Stuart ‘The Brand’ Baggs launches the brand ‘Baggs’

Business News: “Today it is pies, tomorrow hair gel, then suits, then a whole range of domestical goods, followed by luxury watches and then hotels,” said fired Apprentice contestant Stuart Baggs this morning as he launched his new range of Baggs pies.

Mr Baggs spoke to The Poke from the set of his latest promotional video – The Stuart Baggs Brand Rap

“Basically, in the future, the Baggs brand will cover everything,” said the self-confessed lover of fast cars and technology. “Whatever the product or service, it will fit in the bottom teeth of the logo – like Baggs Technology or Baggs Musical Instruments, for example. It symbolises how I like to get my teeth into things. Bascially I’m going to be like Richard Branson – only in more detail.”

stuard the brand baggs baggs pies

Contrary to the wishes of Talkback Thames, Baggs has decided to launch the ‘Baggs’ concept while The Apprentice is still airing.

“They have branded me a liar because my telecommunications company on the Isle of Man is actually made out of lego and is in my bedroom cupboard. By firing me and insulting me, they have tried to unbrand The Brand – but with my new pies I will show the world that no one can unbrand The Brand because no one has more Brand power than me, Stuart, The Brand – not even Russell Brand, drinking a glass of brandy.”

So why pies?

“I chose pies first because of that phrase ‘who ate all the pies?’ It’s meant to be an insult – because whoever ate all the pies is fat and stupid or something. But to me, whoever ate all the pies did it first – ie, he’s a winner. Like me. Like my pies.”

Baggs pies with be available in selected garages and youth offender institutions from Monday.

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