Muslim extremists and neo-nazis in joint venture

UK News: All political organizations need to find ways to fund their agenda, and two of Britain’s most controversial groups, Islam4UK and the British Nazi Party, have come together to open what the press release describes as ‘a mutually beneficial joint venture’.

We were introduced by our small business advisor,” says Geoff Rogers of the British Nazi Party.

He told us that if we pooled our resources, we had enough capital to start the business – and by locating it in one of George Osborne’s pro-growth economic zones, we could take advantage of tax breaks and a streamlined bureaucracy.”

Though many are bound to find the partnership surprising, Abdel Aziz of Islam4UK says “actually when we sat down together we soon found common ground – fast food and jew-hating. After that, the brand concept was a no-brainer really.”

Hitler’s Kebabs has been open a week and both groups claim it is doing a ‘roaring trade’.

We operate a rotating shift system,” says Rogers, “so we don’t actually have to see each other. It’s working quite well. We hope to be able to roll out the franchise across the country, particularly in areas of high racial tension where we tend to get more press. Of course, that will require extra investment. You don’t have John Galliano’s number by any chance, do you?”