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Will’s stag: the shocking truth


While media speculation continues to focus on chest wigs and drinking games, St James’s Palace has been eager play down Prince William’s stag party, insisting that it was ‘just good clean fun’.

Now, anonymous sources close to the Royal family have leaked what is apparently the original plan for the stag party, as drawn up by Prince Harry using a special pen he got for Christmas (when you tip it upside down the ladies clothes disappear).

Far from being a low-key private do held in a embarrassingly small country estate, the leaked documents suggest the stag was a carefully timetabled marathon of Champagne, wigs, Nazism, curries and murder.

the truth behind will's shocking stag!

The Palace has immediately condemned the document as a forgery.

Prince Harry cannot read, let alone write”, said Ben Fogle, newly-appointed spokesperson for the Duchy of Cornwall, to journalists today outside Buckingham Palace.

As for the suggestion he can draw – well, it’s preposterous. Yes the murdering of a naked footman is theoretically possible, and, of course, that famously did happen during his father’s stag do, but Britain was a different country then, with different values.”

And if you lot don’t even know what the ‘dirty scones’ game is then I am certainly not going to tell you.”

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