Facebook road signs for women

Tech News: British road signs are increasingly being used by young women, across a range of social media platforms, as ’emoticon shorthand’ to warn each other about men.

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I’d just met this new bloke called Stefan,” says Katy Murphy, 32, “and I thought he was probably a bit of a bastard. So I posted his name up on Facebook and within a matter of seconds their were road signs all over my wall. At a glance I could tell there was an overwhelming consensus that he was a frigid sex maniac with a crooked willy.”

We’re expecting our first child in September.”

Whether it’s checking up quickly on a prospective lover, or putting up your own road sign to warn others about an ex, these familiar symbols are getting a whole new ‘online twist’ – something which the Department of Transport insists is ‘far from safe’.

Imagine you’re tired, you’re driving in adverse conditions and the radio is jammed stuck on Heart – yes, you’re a woman,” says road safety officer Lucas Bletchworth.

The picture I am painting for you here is one where your concentration is being tested. At best, divided – at worst, shattered, like an orphan’s heart at Christmastime.”

You see a sign that is meant to alert you to end of a dual carriageway. Instead, you’re thinking about the unquestionable bisexuality of someone you still only know as ‘Jim’. What happens? Possibly nothing. But I think I’ve made my point.”