Super-injunction will ‘stop anti-injunction legislation’

Legal News: MPs from all parties were angered today by the news that their attempts to pass anti-injunction legislation would not be possible, due to an injunction.

superinjunction prevents anti-injunction legislation from going through

The anti-injunction-preventing injunction had been in place as part of the constitution ‘for years’, revealed a source who cannot be named.

We originally thought it’d be good for us. The Commons is essentially one big orgy and we didn’t want people to find out. Obviously we didn’t mind getting caught with our trousers down, that was part of the thrill, but we didn’t want [a newspaper that cannot be named] babbling on about it.”

The news comes as a disappointment to a current Prime Minister-who-can’t-be-named, who wished to put a stop to injunction scandals since the Welsh-footballer-who-has-already-been-named-but-now-cannot-be-named had an affair with the Welsh Big Brother-contestant-turned-glamour-model-who-can-no-longer-be-named, causing a national controversy when the aforementioned footballer was named in parliament by that Lib Dem MP whose name we can’t remember.