Daily Mail unveil Britain’s biggest billboard

Daily Mail News: Nation’s champion the Daily Mail entered the Guinness Book of World Records today, unveiling Britain’s biggest billboard on the iconic white cliffs of Dover.

daily mail unveil britain's biggest billboard

The billboard, erected and paid for by the newspaper, is to become a permanent feature of the cliffs, bringing much needed income into Kent’s county coffers.

In these times of crisis, we must do everything we can to maximise revenue,” says Councillor Gareth Selby. “When the Daily Mail approached us, we thought it was a fantastic opportunity to show the world that Kent is open for business – unless you are a foreigner, obviously.”

While in today’s issue the newspaper celebrates the 100×400 metre billboard as a ‘triumph for Britain’, its rivals have condemned the billboard as ‘ugly’ and ‘xenophobic’ – the Guardian simply running the headline ‘Boo!’.

‘Some people will say it’s an eyesore,’ writes Melanie Philips, ‘well I say an asylum-seeking Islamist benefits millionaire with ten wives, forty children, none of whom can speak English, group-defecating on the Bible in what used to be a playground before lefties had the swings removed for being sexist – that’s the real eyesore.’