Corrie to boost ratings with new ‘Working Class Robot’

Robot News: It’s hoped that a working class robot will boost the slipping viewing figures of Coronation Street, soap bosses have announced.


Classbot 3000 is expected to appear on the street later this month, with an ‘explosive storyline featuring a consignment of motor oil going missing from Websters’ Auto Centre. Norris is quick to point the finger at the Weatherfield’s newest resident – a sassy robot with no-holds-barred opinions about trade unions.’

Bosses of the soap are hoping the droid’s appearance on the show will appeal to a younger crowd, whilst the robots old-fashioned working class rhetoric will endear it to the older generation.

“Coronation Street has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology,” said one of the shows producers.

“Whether it’s the special 3D episode we filmed with Tyrone trying to swat a fly, or the storyline with Steve McDonald hilariously ordering to much cheese from a website – modern technology has always had a lead role on Corrie.”

The cast and crew are said to have responded positively to the addition of a robot to the show – particularly after early last month, when a malfunction on set caused it to hug actress Michelle Collins to death.