Wally found and given 25 years for incitement

Criminal Justice News: A dangerous agitator who incited young people through social networks and a series of books has been given a 25-year sentence in court this morning.

After intensive manhunt, Wally receives 25 years for incitement

Wally, 23, was apprehended by armed police after a intensive operation that saw almost 2,000 Met police officers searching for him in libraries and bookshops across the capital.

This is a clear case of the courts overreacting,” said a spokesman for Wally’s legal team.

“Wally’s challenge to ‘find him’ was not a boast directed at the police, nor was it incitement to youngsters to gather at specific locations in order to cause trouble. It was just a bit of fun intended for children of all ages.”

He was hard to find, but we finally got our man,” said police spokesman Detective Rob Flannel.

This particular individual used books, jigsaws and a short-lived animated series to communicate a clear message of civil disorder and criminal activity, which we have now stopped.”

In his summing up, Judge Malcolm Kirk admitted some blame should be placed on the social networks Wally was involved in.

Whilst an individual must take responsibility for his or her own actions, it is clear the defendant spends a lot of time in the company of the more undesirable elements of society – like pirates, vikings and Aztec warriors.”