Muhammad Men: Saudi TV remakes Mad Men

TV News: Mad Men’s Donald Draper must submit to the edicts of Sharia Law as a Saudi TV channel launches a revamped version of the US drama.

 Muhammad Men: Saudi TV remakes Mad Men

Iqraa TV’s ‘Muhammad Men’ follows the careers and private lives of marketers at a Riyadh oil company in the swinging 60s: audiences will marvel as office workers recklessly knock back glasses of sweet mint tea at their desks, constantly puffing on hookah pipes while formulating catchy slogans to make westerners buy oil.

It is predicted that sexy head secretary Joan-al-Hollowaz, who mesmerises male colleagues with her severe black hijab and abaya, will set tongues wagging in fashion circles

Hype for the debut of Muhammad Men is so intense that Iqraa TV has already commissioned a roster of new remakes for next year: The Talibanos – the trials and tribulations of a crime family in Pakistan; Breaking Jihad – a deadbeat chemistry teacher manufactures bombs to provide for his family; Doctor Whummus – the adventures of a time-travelling Harley Street dermatologist, and topical quiz Have I Got Jews For You.