GQ closes after Osborne named Politician of the Year

GQ Scandal Latest: Men’s magazine GQ has decided to permanently cease publication after naming George Osborne Politician Of The Year at its annual Men Of The Year awards last night.


GQ UK editor Dylan Jones made the following statement to shocked magazine staff this morning. “I have important things to say about GQ Magazine and the steps we are taking to address the very serious problems that have occurred.”

“You do not need to be told that GQ is 54 years old. That its readers sometimes also buy Men’s Health magazine. That last month we had a feature on moisturisers and an interview with Shia LaBeouf.”

“GQ is in the business of holding others to account for their fashion, style and values. But, sadly, it failed when it came to itself and therefore we see no other way forward but to close the magazine, effective immediately, and hang our heads in shame.”

The closure comes amidst public outcry over a string of poor judgments from GQ. “It’s journalists acting in this kind of deceitful, immoral and reprehensible way that has dragged down the whole men’s magazine market in the UK” said one member of staff.

Telling readers that Don Draper has aspirational hair, or describing the new Gillette razor as revolutionary is bad enough – but giving an award and a Paco Rabanne goodie bag to George Osborne, while the rest of the country is having to pawn its gold fillings, is just too much for the British public to take.”