Danny Dyer goes ‘mental’ after BAFTA snub

Movie News: Actor Danny Dyer has reacted violently to being overlooked once again at this year’s BAFTA nominations, smashing up British Academy offices and threatening to set himself on fire unless he gets a special award.

Dyer has also been dismissive of this years best actor nods, labelling George Clooney a “fackin’ greaser”, Gary Oldman as “wicked in Batman but shit in everything else” and Jean Dujardin – star of The Artist – as a “Froggy ballbag who can’t even talk.”

Dyer’s friends have expressed shock at his actions, but also sympathy for constantly getting overlooked at the awards ceremony.

It’s so unfair, Danny’s had such a great year, appearing in over 50 films,” said a close pal of the actor.

Who can forget his spellbinding performance in Ghost Guv’nor, playing a dead East-end gangster who runs his criminal empire from beyond the grave. Or Nazi Firm, playing a Jewish East-end gangster who runs his criminal empire and kills some Nazis.”


Story+Image: Simon Swatman