TV Swearing Hall Of Fame (NSFW)

A constantly updated archive where we collect the foul-mouthed filth that pollutes the nation’s radio airwaves and soils our telly boxes.

18.2.12 – BBC Weatherman Alex Deakin promises that there will be ‘bucket loads’ of the C-word in central Britain.

19.4.11 – Dame Helen Mirren drops the s-bomb on BBC Breakfast News. Talking on the subject of John Gielgud.

31.1.11 – Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman gets worked up over the group UK Uncut and the word ‘cuts’

21.1.11: BBC News 24’s Olly Foster drops a spectacular, c-bomb in a live news item about Eric Cantona

18.8.10 – BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker, flips the bird at BBC News 24’s Simon McCoy

6.12.10 James Naughtie and Andrew Marr get stuck in over at The Today Programme, leaving vicars and headmasters spluttering into their cornflakes

1.4.10: BBC Five Live’s Nick Campbell gives his views on the Countryside alliance

obviously Channel Four started it all back in the 90’s…

it was never like this back when we were kids..