Olympics 2012: The Official Poke Blog

Sunday 12th August 2012

17:00 An important commercial message from Sir Paul McCartney

11:00 Hey Athletes! Stop getting YMCA Wrong! (via @BeardedGenius)

Saturday 11th August

10:42 Amazing photo of Bolt crossing the finish posts earlier this week. (via @TheSimonEvans via @Plinthodarkneth)

09:40 How I see Usain Bolt…

Friday 10th August 2012

21:31 A face in the crowd

17:05 The Olympic mascots befriend a Tellytubby. (via @londonist)

16:00 The losers prize at the Olympics just adds insult to injury (via @blindfumble)

11:43 The latest from the dressage

Give this wrestling judge an OBE!

Thursday 9th August 2012

11:50 The Unrehearsed Voiceover Artist provides commentary and insight on Water Polo.

08:42 Yesterday, Russian Ivan Ukhov won the gold medal in men’s high jump….

In 2008, he was issued a “strong warning” by the IAAF for competing while pissed. Here’s that magic moment.

via 22 Words

Wednesday 8th August 2012

17:20 Finally an answer to the question “Who can afford to get into equestrian sports?” (via)

14:15 So today’s Daily Express features the Dutch dressage team on the front page instead of Team GB. (via Nick Sutton)

11:05 404 Error. Athlete Not Found.

07:51 The power of the Olympics (via @b_wildered)

07:24 An awkward moment in the diving pool

07:15 Idea to liven up the Olympic Swimming. Performance Enhancing Sharks.


Tuesday 7th August 2012

11:41 Denmark take planking to a whole new level…(via @utterben)

11:28 The Lonely Man Olympics (by Mothers Best Child)

08:35 How did Jim Davidson sneak into the women’s shotput? (via @stuchapman)

07:35 Ahh the spirit of the games > A lady wrestler helps her opponent find a missing contact lens. (via @JoannaAicher)

Monday 6th August 2012

22:13 Olympic photographer can’t figure out what’s wrong with his camera. He couldn’t have left the lens cap on could he?

22:00 By ‘eck Yorkshire are doing right well in the medal table (via @r40her85)

19:00 Wanna see mah boobs? (via Facebook)

16:00 Sexy Putters (via @Inbetweener_)

13:11 An Australian newspaper boosts moral by re-categorising their achievements by Silver medals first (via @sandersonjones)

07:55 Ireland’s Olympic coverage is outstanding – check out their Sailing report (by Francis Higgins)

Sunday 5th August 2012

21:46 Earlier a Bulgarian athlete fell over in the 400m hurdles. Her name couldn’t be more appropriate. (via Ryan Kelly)

21:03 They are re-writing the wrestling rule book at London 2012 (via Jeremy Vine)

08:15 Michael Phelps Diet Challenge. Michael Phelps, most decorated Olympian in history, has one crazy diet. 12,000 Calories a day. The challenge for one man is to eat it in one sitting.

07:25 Watching the Shot Put in slow-mo is amazing…

Saturday 4th August 2012

22:45 Olympic hero Mo Farah thanks John Terry for carrying him over the finish line (by @joescouse_lfc)

22:30 The Daily Mail celebrates Mo Farah’s historic win (by @BeardedGenius)

20:02 The awkward moment when one of your team appears more thrilled to win a medal than the rest of you (via @shyella57)

10:48: Dressage Dubstep

Friday 3rd August 2012

15:30 The Olympic Human Centipede semi-final on BBC One (via @liamwaterloo)

13:03 Controversy as Spiderman’s female cousin spotted in the 100m hurdles (via @inder)

12:30 If Olympic sponsor advertising were truthful it would look something like this

11:30: An NBC Today reporter is upstaged by some background shenanigans.

Thursday 2nd August 2012

16:43 How an Australian newspaper distinguishes between North and South Korea (via Mark Holland)

14:21 Ronald McDonald gets a delightful graffiti makeover in London (via @Algerianista)

11:37 A awkwardly placed BBC statistics bar turns Tom Daley’s exploits into er…something rather different (via @subedited)

09:16 Respect to whoever amended the town sign of Great Bradley, in Suffolk (via @MandyPandy32)

08:37: Ryan Lochte’s inane interview anecdotes

07:30 Olympic divers on the toilet (via @jordanjoice)

Wednesday 1st August 2012

20:00 Oh yes! (via @PLonghurst93)

16:59: Mother’s Best Child give the Boris zip line video the perfect soundtrack.

15:34 aaandd…here come the dangling Boris photoshop pics

via @_Sampat

via @Jim_Sheridan

via @Blottr

15:23 Boris gets stuck on zip wire in a London Park

09:16 Nice trunks! (via @RobbieSavage8)


07:57 The awkward moment when your TV logo becomes a carnival hat and sunglasses combo (via @alsboy)

Tuesday 31st July 2012

21:00 Kermit wins the men’s 200m butterfly final! (via Somhairle Ó Meachair)

19:00 Zara Phillips probably won’t be too happy about this picture editor feeling the need to include the word ‘left’ (@MandyPandy32)

16:00 The BBC’s 2012 website is excellent for discovering some of the more obscure Olympic events (via @woswer)

13:11 Fabulous to see the police assisting the public celebrate the Team GB Eventing Silver Medal

12:22 Wondering how YOU would do at The Olympics? Then find out with Brian Butterfield’s fun chart!

11.30: Some members of reddit.com have harnessed the power of photoshop to fill the empty seats at the Olympics.

09:56:@ScottFilmCritic notes that male water polo players have to do *something* to kill time between games.

Monday 30th July 2012

22:10 Adam Kay worries that the London 2012 website is losing objectivity

18:02 @death_stairs reckons the BBC Olympic App looks pretty good

16:04 Olympic Medals – Why bother running about to get one? Visit Hertford High Street (via @cydermann)

12:36: One Olympic worker tries her best to drum up some enthusiasm in the crowd – “I’m here til 2AM everybody, this is dedication.”

09:04: In his column in the Daily Telegraph Mayor of London Boris Johnson comments;

“As I write these words there are semi-naked women playing beach volleyball in the middle of the Horse Guards Parade immortalised by Canaletto. They are glistening like wet otters and the water is plashing off the brims of the spectators’ sou’westers.”

Mmmmm Otters…

via ITV

08:30 Can you spot the LOCOG mistake at the Olympic Tennis? Tip – It’s not Andy Murray. (via @DebbieJ95)

Sunday 29th July 2012

20:46 The cycling equivalent of those time zone clocks on the walls in hotels (via @TRJeffries + @brianshelf)

13:43 ‘If you only see two photos of George W. Bush enjoying an Olympic event today, make them these two’ – via Scott Jordan Harris

11:17: Looking forward to the BBC commentary team delivering the correct pronunciation this Volley Ball player’s name

Saturday 28th July 2012

16:25 What the Queen was really up to.. (via Reddit)

11:05 Conservative MP Aidan Burley is getting  kicking on Twitter after he tweeted that the Olympics opening ceremony was “multicultural crap.”

‘Olympic Archery targets revealed’ (via @utterben)

10:44 The Italian Women’s Water Polo team have developed a cunning new move to help them win Gold (via @ScottFilmCritic)

09:39 Street art tours declared illegal – as seen In Central London (via @GraffitiDoll)

08:27 A quick round up from last night..

It was a long night for Her Majesty (via @peachesanscream)

Boris Johnson & David Cameron’s reaction captured on camera as opening ceremony celebrates the NHS. (via @MarkJSewards)

Someone updates Trevor Nelson’s Wikipedia page (via @Blonde_M)

Friday 27th July 2012

18:06 A valiant attempt by the Prince Charles Cinema to take on Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony (via @londonist)

13:18 That Jeremy Hunt Olympic bell clanger was lacking a disco sound track. Fixed it.

11:31 Lovely blunder by Olympic Minister Jeremy Hunt who hits a woman with a bell during this morning’s celebrations on HMS Belfast

07:59 Durex post a message for Usain Bolt on a London billboard (via @taylorherringpr)

Thursday 26th July

19:33 One man in Guildford finds out what happens when you use a banana instead of the Olympic torch.

13:22 @simonfeilder and @sy_thomas plan their own domestic Olympics

11.20 Here is an MP3 of Chris Morris shouting “I HATE SEBASTIAN COE”. Feel free to make it your ringtone (via @lfbarfe)

09:15 If Danny Boyle had decided to make Trainspotting about modern athletics (by @mothersbstchild)

08:47 Time Out magazine brings us a lovely guide to ’36 things that should be in the ultimate Olympic Opening Ceremony

08:40 An incident, which could have been a plot line in the BBC Comedy Twenty Twelve, livened up the first day of competition when the North Korea women’s football team walked off after the South Korea flag was mistakenly displayed before their match against Colombia. (Pics: Lynne Cameron/PA)

LOCOG boss Paul Deighton told BBC Radio 4’s today programme ‘We spent a lot of time with them last night explaining what had happened and why it happened and we have written a letter to them.’

Wednesday 25th July 2012

19:25 Team USA athletes learn to speak cockney rhyming slang