Wednesday 19th September 2012

14:46 Holy cow….Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is channeling David Brent’s If You don’t Know Me By Now with her new music video

You won’t see a better tattoo than this today (via @ryan_klug)

08:00 Looks legit (via @damoncollins)

Message appears in the window of a local bookshop opposite a brand new Tesco. (via @AnnaRVitiello)

Most romantic french horn-related photo ever? (via @craiguito)

Gif of the day

Tuesday 18th September 2012

16:07 Kelvin MacKenzie doorstepped over Hillsborough

Former Sun editor Kelvin MacKenzie declines to answer questions from Channel 4 News reporter Alex Thomson on his record over the paper’s coverage of the Hillsborough football tragedy.

08:30 Best News Ever

Amazing offer on at Domino’s. (via @gdorean)

A man was snapped taking a pee behind the president at an Obama campaign rally yesterday. The race is on to discover his identity. (via)

Gif Of The Day

Monday 17th September 2012

19:18 So earlier today Waitrose took to Twitter with a fun social media challenge for shoppers..

They probably weren’t expecting the torrent of suggestions that followed. Here are some of the many highlights.

18:30 Another day, another royal photo scandal (by @chigwiri via @MandyPandy32)

17:00 Vintage entry from the Daily Mail letters page (via @shoutsatcows)

15:00 Relief in the Solomon Islands.. (by @utterben)


17:00  So now you can turn your tweets into songs 

08:30 Blog Of The Day > Cat Scientists Of The 1960’s (via @localnotail)

08:13 The awkward moment when you discover that your train has been buying fabric from the same textile designer

07:47 Gif of the day

Sunday 16th September 2012

19: 20 Facebook status update of the day

19:15 The best One Direction ~ Mitt Romney parody you will see today (by Full Frontal Freedom)

18:49 Somewhere a picture editor is clearing their desk

17:33 There are probably more appetising abbreviations for a sampler of Cumberland Sausages  (via @DineHard)

16:11 Computer Age Twins (via @futuredave +@mathemaniac)

15:00 A TV researcher will be looking for a new job tomorrow (via @Alan7Dunn)

12:10 Harrison Ford Broccoli Joke

11:27 Skrillex lyrics > here

11.15 What is the waiter doing?

10:54 Amazing

10:09 Close enough..

[via Reddit]

09:45 How to free a moose that has become entangled in a swing

08:03 There’s a ton of fun to be had when you get a text from a number you don’t recognise (via @ImSimonOakley)


Saturday 15th September 2012

08:20 iPhone press conferences 2007 – 2012. Just the Adjectives

08:02 Photography project of the day > L.A Superhero and celebrity impersonators asked to manifest feelings of genuine sadness 

06:17 Amazing responses to The Poke photoshop challenges this week. If you missed them check out Jesus Having Fun and Unscary Horror Films.

06:16 Why am I awake so early?

Friday 14th September 2012

21:54 Gif Of The Day

20:30 What Morrissey’s days are like (via @rocious_puns)

18:14 Show your solidarity for Kate > Nips Out From Kate  (via @MandyPandy32)

17:02 The winning entry from today’s Poke Adverts challenge (by @alreadytaken74)

16:00 Friday Fun > Type “bacon number” before any celebrities’ name, and Google will tell you how many degrees that person is from Kevin Bacon

09:14 Shocking picture of Kate Middleton topless on a beach. by @tokyo_sexwhale)

09:04 Jimmy Kimmel asks Americans to review the iPhone 5 – hands them the iPhone 4.

08:45 The Queen issues special edition topless £1 coin to show support for Kate

08:28 Someone has been adding custom-made advisory stickers to Chris Brown’s albums in HMV (via @RuwaydaMustafah)

07:45 The most depressing cookbook of all time? (via @thetylerpeters)

Thursday 13th September 2012

21:34 The Nottingham Post might need to rethink the age criteria on their baby and toddler photo contest  (via @MumblingNerd)

19:30 Some delightful front page news from Cardiff….via @Dr_Rhys

18:05 Anyone wanna buy a printer?

16:22 Toilet humour

14:00 Arty Picture Fail (via Facebook)

08:00 Amazing tradesman name of the day (via @BoredomTV)

07:38 Gif Of The Day

Wednesday 12th September 2012

21:06 50 Shades Of Captcha

09:27 Like handbags? Love wine? You’ll be needing this Wine Handbag. (via Iain Armstrong and Stunt Of the Day)

07:22 Best teatime treat ever

Tuesday 11th September 2012

21:24 Gif of the day

18:53 DJ booth notice of the day. (via Facebook)

08:30 Animated Banksy GIF (via)

08:15 Just time for a quick game of Cat-O-Matic catbeast.com/catomatic/

08:06: Someone seems a tad cross in Manchester today (@wellruth)

Monday 10th September 2012

17:39 Meet Adolph Hipster (via @SickChirpse)

16:03 Tumblr of the day – Muppets with human eyes. Utterly horrifying, though I can’t really explain why.  (via @Matt_Muir)

15:00 This is serious > All the world’s credit card pins have been leaked and published online by Anonymous http://pastebin.com/2qbRKh3R  (via @rgarner)

13:14 Today’s Guardian crossword was way too easy. (via @adeakhtar)

08:55 LBC’s Ian Collins loses it while reading an erotic extract from ‘Filthy Passages’, the debut novel from author and pervert Whelky Collins.

Sunday 9th September 2012

07:59 Life is never as good as the adverts (via)


07:30 Definitely getting one of these

Saturday 8th September 2012

17:50 “I need your clothes, your boots, and your Barclays cycle…”

by @utterben

16:20 Spot the odd one out. GQ Magazine ‘still living in 1950’.

15:41 Is the new range from Top Man some kind of clever joke? (via @john_self)

08:07 How to cross a roundabout

07:33 Just now in Tesco (via @OhWhatsThePoint)


Friday 6th September 2012

18:27 A round-up from today’s advert challenge

13:09 Mitt Romney makes a public appeal (by Rebecca Fryer)

11.15 Austerity designer handbag (via @MarkBorkowski)

10:30 HMV might need to re-think their DVD marketing plan (via @NotRollergirl + @emmafgreen)

08:35 A fresh TV news blooper reel from America

07:30 Good morning office trolls. This takes quite a long time to do – but it’s probably worth it.

07:05 New York photographer Noah Kalina takes a photo of himself every day for 12.5 years

Thursday 6th September 2012

21:32 AOL (1996) vs Windows 8 (2012)  (via @jackschofield)

20:00 Quick – switch over to CNN

19:05 The publishers of Parents magazine might want to re-think their cover layout next month

18:45 Website of the day Pointer Pointer 

18:00 Gif Of The Day

17:49 This news story has EVERYTHING

17.25: A group of cat adoption agencies have created a new website based on Chatroulette. The site shows visitors what is apparently a live stream of various cats that need good homes. (via Huffpost)

13:27: Woop! A new series of our favourite BBC TWO series The Thick Of It starts on Saturday. In this teaser clip Peter Mannion, the Secretary of State for Social Affairs, is told to launch his Coalition partner Fergus’s new ‘Networked Nation’ policy at a school.

08:00 Man orders a TV from Amazon, gets assault rifle instead 

Wednesday 5th September 2012

08:17 Somebody has kindly added some dubstep effects to some painful news footage of a boating accident. (They sustained minor injuries only.)

08:00 Wedding Proposal. Russian Style.

07:30 Let’s just have a moment for Grace Jones who went along as Batman to last night’s GQ awards

Tuesday 4th September 2012

21:26 50 Shades Of Angela Merkel 

20:54 Another quality sub editor fail – Liverpool Echo (via @Rog_w)

19:22 Official poster for the Snakes on a Plane sequel, ‘Snake 2’… (via @tvBite)

18:30 Writing a business plan? This Web Economy Bullshit Generator might help http://emptybottle.org/bullshit/index.php … (via @carrozo)

16:10 Doodle Of The Day (via @DavieLegend)

15:57 An exclusive picture of David Cameron re-thinking his cabinet. (via @doodlewhale)

15:30 The Lib Dems deserve their new logo  (by @BeardedGenius)

08:02 Website of the day > Photoshop Troll

Monday 3rd September 2012