Blogger Wonders What’s So Special About Other Blogger That They Got A Book Deal

Blog News: A food blogger has taken to the internet to ask why another food blogger has got a book deal and they didn’t.

“I just don’t get it,” said Dominic Tylsä who runs the blog ‘Dom’s Dinners’, which promises to ‘follow a young foodies culinary adventures in the big city’.

“We both take almost identical pictures of almost identical food in almost identical restaurants and cafes. We even use the same Instagram filter – so why have they got some poxy book deal and I haven’t?”

News of the publishing deal sent the entire blogosphere into a frenzy, with many food bloggers showing solidarity by threatening to stop taking pictures of cheese in Farmer’s Markets until the book company details exactly what made this one blog so special.

“We demand answers,” said one fellow blogger.

“And if we don’t get them there will be no more blogging. Let’s see how well the pop-up food stall industry does without people in flannel shirts on bikes writing blogs about them that no-one reads.”