Poke Challenge: Celebrities With Animal Eyes

We asked you to make us some celebrities with animal eyes. Here are some of the many wonderful, and frankly downright disturbing, highlights.

1. Goateye

by @VenusDeMileage

2. Lionel Ritchie

3. Loris Johnson

4. Russell Crow

by @blinkbox

5. Simon Cowl

by @hall_mj

6. Puma Thurman

by @craiguito

7. Ethan Hawk

by @john_callaghan

8. Spaniel Radcliffe

by @quebectango

9. Kate Bushbaby


10. Mole Edmonds

by @QuantumPirate

11. Eddie The Eagle


12. Ryan Gosling


13. Slothia Loren

by @VenusDeMileage

14. Seal

by @ThrustBastard

15. Marlene Deertrich

by @VenusDeMileage

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