Ranting Racists ‘Genetically Drawn’ To Public Transport, Study Finds

Racist News: A new UK-wide study claims shouty bigots are ‘genetically drawn’ to do all their racist ranting on public transport.

“They just can’t help it – it’s part of their DNA,” said senior researcher Dr. Kenneth Winsome of the University of Warwick. “Think of it the same way that a moth is drawn to a lightbulb – it’s just in this case the lightbulb is a packed commuter train and the moth is a racist.”

Dr. Winsome says the study answers the question why racists seem to be drawn to public transport, instead of just staying at home and screaming their unpleasant and ill-informed opinions on race into a mirror.

“We isolated the bigot gene and created the world’s most racist mice,” said Dr. Winsome. “We then put the mice into scale models of a train, a bus and a typical domestic living room. The one that stayed in kept it’s hate fuelled opinions to itself.”

“Like sharks, racists need to keep moving, which explains why they rant on buses or trains rather than at home,” said Dr. Winsome. “Take a racist over ten miles an hour and they won’t shut up.”