High Court Clears Posh Spice For Smile Attempt

Facial News: After various legal challenges, the High Court of Justice has cleared Victoria Beckham for a new attempt at smiling.

A number of scientists petitioned against the court decision, arguing that if Beckham was successful at forming a smile it could have grave consequences for the planet.

“If she manages to crack a grin it’ll make all that ‘interdimensional wormhole’ stuff people talked about when they turned CERN on look like a walk in the park,” said Dr. David Shandy.

“The universe will certainly collapse, but not before all the flesh on your body is flayed off in a shockwave that will stretch across the entire planet.”

It’s not the first time Posh has attempted to smile – in 2010 she almost smiled after being presented with a colourful drawing by her son Brooklyn. It’s thought the attempt was abandoned after less than a second after her husband David Beckham broke into tears at the ‘haunting’ scene he was witnessing.

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