United Nations To Rule On Keeping Mustard In the Fridge

Food News: The U.N says it will pass a definitive resolution on whether or not mustard should be kept in the fridge, in the hope of ending decades of conflict.

“Since the introduction of the domestic fridge a battle has been waged over whether or not mustard should be stored in it, rather than a cupboard,” said a United Nations spokesman.

“Some insist that mustard should always be kept in the fridge, others live by the simple motto ‘if it was on a shelf in the supermarket, it should be on a shelf at home’. This conflict has resulted in nearly a century of violence and broken relationships, and now the U.N is determined to step in and resolve this once and for all.”

U.N members are expected to vote on the correct place to keep mustard later tonight, and once the resolution is passed peacekeeping forces are expected to be deployed around the world to enforce the ruling, with military force if required.

“This proves our critics wrong when they say the U.N is a slow, ineffectual group,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. “We may even extend the resolution to include ketchup, if it gets popular support.”