8 Essential Bonfire Night Tips

Bonfire night is upon us once again, here are eight great ways to make sure your celebrations go with a sparkle (or at least don’t end in death).

1. Check bonfires for hedgehogs

Before lighting a bonfire, check for hedgehogs. The spines on hedgehogs make excellent kindling, so if your bonfire is free of hedgehogs, add some to make the fire easier to start.

2. Children love sparklers.
Adults also love them, but for different reasons.

3. Think about your pets
Keep pets away from fireworks as it causes them stress. Other pets might use the opportunity to try and kill you.

4. Go to an organised event
Instead of having fireworks at home, consider going to a professionally organised event, like this one on Oban, Scotland, when they accidentally set off £6,000 worth of fireworks in sixty seconds.

Or an even shorter display in San Diego last year.

5. Consider your neighbours
If you do choose to let off fireworks at home, consider those who live nearby. Or don’t.

6. Be creative
Bonfire night is a great opportunity for creativity. Instead of burning a typical run-of-the-mill guy – take inspiration from the people of Edenbridge, Kent, who this year burned an effigy of Apprentice failure and fat-badly-named-child-hater Katie Hopkins.

7. Any Time Can be Fireworks Time!
Remember that fireworks aren’t just for bonfire night celebrations. They can also be used by idiots to remove cowpats.

8. Make sure the fireworks are safe for children
The last thing you want on bonfire night is a fireworks display so obscene it ruins your children forever.