Signs David Cameron Is Turning Into A Teenage Girl

We’ve become concerned about David Cameron recently, as he’s showing signs that he might actually be a teenage girl. Here is an in-depth investigation into the warning signs that he’s stopped being a 47-year-old man.

1. Taking selfies with celebs he’s starstruck by. (via)

Cameron giggling and fawning over Obama (and Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt) isn’t the first. He’s obsessed with himself. (via)

He can’t even get selfies right. LOOK INTO THE CAMERA NOT THE SCREEN DAVE. (via)

2. Proudly proclaiming to everyone that he’s on #teamnigella. It’s highly doubtful that the feeling was mutual. (via)

3. Falling out with his former bestie from school. (via)

4. Sending tons of embarrassing texts between him and new bestie. (via)

5. Dressing inappropriately and showing a bit too much flesh. (via)

6. Not caring about the stupid day job, and just living for those precious sun-kissed moments* when you can escape to the beach. SPRING BREAK, BITCHES!** (via)

*at least four holidays a year.

** spring break 4 evah, yo.