Queen To Let Charles Scold Buckingham Palace Staff

Royal News: The Queen has announced plans to let her son shout at their staff, as she gradually begins to relinquish some of her traditional duties as monarch.


The move comes at the start of a “gentle succession” which will see Prince Charles gradually taking over the Queen’s duties – starting with shouting at the hired help when they don’t meet the Queen’s exacting demands.

The partial power transfer will continue throughout 2014, with Charles taking on such jobs as ordering someone to clear up corgi shit and reluctantly shaking hands with poor people.

But it was stressed that the changes do not mean she is planning to take a back seat. “The Queen will still be meeting world leaders for expensive dinners in various exotic locations,” said a spokesman for Buckingham Palace.

“It’s just that she doesn’t want to visit any more biscuit factories or NHS hospitals full of sickly working class people.”