Residents Panic After ASDA Delivery Van Spotted In Gentrified Area

Terrified residents of a well-to-do area in North London have made panicked calls to their estate agents after an ASDA van was spotted making a delivery.


“You read about this kind of thing happening to other people, but you never imagine it could happen to you,” said one resident of the leafy North London suburb where everyone earns over half a million pounds a year.

“People are used to the frequent sight of Ocado vans making deliveries – maybe Sainsburys at a push – but waking up to hear about this awful ASDA van dumping its so called ‘shopping’ has sent shock waves through the community and house prices plummeting.”

A community meeting has been hastily organised and will be held later this week.

“What if my kids see this van delivering lager on their way home from school?” said another shocked resident.

“It will lead to all kinds of awkward questions like, ‘Mummy what is Carling and why would you buy 20 cans of it?’ – quite frankly I’m not equipped to handle that kind of discussion with my children just yet.”