Man You Worked With Six Years Ago Still Liking Your Facebook Posts

Tech News: Some bloke you vaguely remember from an office you used to work in years ago is still liking your Facebook posts, it has been confirmed.


The man, who possibly worked in accounts at that office you did some temp work at least six, or possibly seven, years ago is still liking most of your posts – despite you never really talking to him that much in the first place and only really accepted the friendship on Facebook out of a mix of professional courtesy and morbid curiosity.

“I don’t know what would be worse, the fact he just likes my posts and never leaves comments – or if he started leaving actual comments,” you said, trying to place exactly who this person is in your memory.

“I don’t know, I should probably go over my Facebook security settings to make sure exactly who can and can’t see my posts, that would be the sensible thing to do,” you added thoughtfully, and will probably never get round to doing because the settings page on Facebook is quite clunky and there are better things to do on a sunny afternoon.