London’s House Prices Drop From “Disgusting” To “Sickening”

Property News: A drop in property prices in the capital means that the average London home is now sickeningly expensive, instead of disgustingly expensive.


A new study has found that the average price of a house in London fell 5.9% this month, causing many homebuyers to yelp “Jesus Christ!” when confronted with the cost – instead of the typical cry of “fucking hell’ which has been heard around the city in recent months.

“The language used by people trying to buy a house this month has certainly been less colourful,” said one estate agent.

“And people only look fairly sick when they see how very little they get for their money, instead of just throwing up in my face.”

Estate agents say prices could easily increase again in the autumn, especially when desperate homebuyers start wearing rose-tinted spectacles when they look around their £600,000 one bedroom hovels.