Ebola Threat ‘Less Terrifying Than Being Honest With Your Boss’

World News: New research suggests that the threat of the virus is significantly less terrifying than telling your boss you think they’re an overpaid twat who makes terrible decisions.


“Finally we have some good news in the fight against this awful virus that has claimed so many lives,” announced a World Health Organisation spokesman at a press conference last night.

“Recent research breakthroughs indicate that the Ebola threat is statistically less scary that being honest with your boss. This means there is something worse than Ebola to worry about, namely telling your boss that you think they’d be out of their depth in an urinal.”

“I’m just so glad that there are things scarier than the threat of Ebola,” said one relieved man.

“Now I can stop panicking about Ebola and instead focus all my worry on the inevitable moment when I reach my breaking point, and tell my boss I think he’s a premier league tit with the management skills of a shoe full of dogshit.”

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