5 Celebrities Who Are Almost Unrecognisable Now

Much has been made of how remarkably different Bridget Jones star Renée Zellweger looked at a recent awards ceremony.


But she’s not the only celeb to have changed unbelievably…

Piers Morgan
When Piers started his dream job at CNN in 2011 he looked full of energy. Sadly the years since have taken their toll and he now looks uncannily like some half-eaten blancmange that’s been left in an alley for a fortnight.

Katie Hopkins
Katie first hit the limelight on The Apprentice back in 2006 – but years of telling everyone her controversial opinions for money and publicity have not been kind – she now looks like a wheelie bin with some rats in it.

Jeremy Kyle
Kyle started hosting his controversial talk show on ITV back in 2005, but clearly his marathon daytime TV output has changed him – audience members at a recent show said his face resembled a petri dish full of bacteria grown from the sweat off a labrador’s balls.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Known for his public gaffes and racist opinions, in 2009 Prince Philip decided to improve his public image by looking startlingly like a leather rucksack. Sadly the gaffes continued, but the Queen did have somewhere handy to stash her Benson & Hedges.

Rachel Weisz
In 2011 the Oscar winning star of The Mummy drastically changed her appearance to look like Benedict Cumberbatch, because women over 40 don’t get offered any decent roles by Hollywood. Her career has flourished ever since.

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