Yoga ‘As Effective As The Gym’ For Boring The Shit Out Of People

Health News: People who bleat on about yoga are just as effective at boring people as those who endlessly drone on about going to the gym, a new study has found.


A review by researchers from the Netherlands and the US found that yoga dullards equal gym twats when it comes boring the absolute living shit out of people, except when those circles consist entirely of other yoga dullards or gym twats.

“Constantly talking about yoga is great way to alienate people, especially if you can’t do the more vigorous exercises people like to boast about,” said one senior researcher on the project.

“For many years it was thought that being a gym twat was the surest way to bore most people, but our study indicates that people who indulge in relentless babbling about Bikram are just as tedious and dull.”

“In many ways just walking around with a yoga mat and a smug, self-satisfied grin is enough to make most rational people run a mile.”

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