Microsoft Announce That Windows 10 Will Be A Lager

Tech News: Software giant Microsoft has announced that the new version of its operating system will be a craft-brewed beer, in an attempt to boost falling sales figures.


“After poor sales figures for the Xbox One and mounting complaints against their operating system Microsoft are looking for a win – both financially and critically,” said technology expert Chad P. Trawlerman.

“Therefore it makes sense they move away from making software that everyone hates and shift focus into making trendy, artisanal beer that everyone loves.”

“Windows 10 has an incredibly short startup time – within a few seconds of opening the bottle, you can start enjoying the Microsoft™ Windows 10 experience,” said the company in a press release.

“Microsoft™ Windows 10 also comes with advanced voice activation technology – users simply have to ask for another and one of our registered public house retailers will be happy to help!”

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