April Fool’s Day roundup 2015

Last year we saw how April Fools brought out some surprising wit and brand shenanigans from national newspapers to retail giants. So what will pranks and japes will 2015 bring us?

We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below – let us know if we’ve missed any…

Low-cost airline EasyJet are to release their own signature fragrance, described as “evoking the musky scent of a packed A-319 Airbus on a return flight from Corfu at the height of summer”.


Ikea announce Föne, their new smartphone.


The Guardian is to start using edible paper for its print version, in the hope it will provide readers with both ‘current affairs and sustenance’.


TFL have announced First Class Tube carriages, starting in 2016.


Aldi have announced a new partnership for a premium range of breakfast goods.


Could this possibly be what we think?



And some brands on twitter got involved