When the EDL fell for “hot cross buns without ‘offensive’ cross” spoof

Southend News Network is a satirical site, if you hadn’t spotted this from the winking tagline, “The Latest News From Southend… Honest!” then the articles like “Anger as Southend bakery launches Hot Cross Buns WITHOUT ‘offensive’ cross” should tip you off easily.

Well, not if you’re the EDL. The English Dunces League posted the this story on their Facebook page without realising it’s a spoof.

Yep. The EDL genuinely thought this was real news, as they say on Facebook “Hot cross buns without a cross. Well that’s just a bun. We must not upset the islamic invaders must we?”

Many EDL members haven’t spotted it’s a spoof either:

The error has now gone viral and many of the comments are piling in and mocking the EDL, and we’ll leave this last comment to this lady:

Yes. Cockwombles.

Source: EDL Facebook & Southend News Network.