Louise Mensch has confused the Fabric nightclub being closed with Brexit and people are taking the piss

@Nilamatodaria over on Twitter says, “Louise Mensch confusing the #FabricReview with Brexit is a gift from God on a rainy weds morning.”

Ex-politician and Twitter irritant Mrs Mensch has confused the closing down of the night club Fabric with Brexit four (count them!) four times.

Man alive – here we go:





It’s the pompousness of Louise’s tone applied to completely the wrong thing that amuses us.

As ‏@DiamondLights61 says, “Hahaha, fuck me. Are you back on the sniff @LouiseMensch?”

BTW: Nilam‘s tweet has gone viral with over 2000 retweets – everyone is giggling at her.

And in other news, people are also mocking her for gaining an American accent:

“She has lost her god damned mind”, states Geraldine Lancaster2 on Youtube.

That’s assuming she ever had one in the first place.

Source: Twitter