A woman paid £10 for this ‘deconstructed’ avocado breakfast and she wasn’t the only furious one

This avocado and toast breakfast went viral because the woman who ordered it couldn’t believe she just paid £10 for it (or, to be strictly accurate, 18 Australian dollars).

We can see where she’s coming from.

There’s ‘deconstructed’ and then there’s ‘deconstructed’.

Although this one wasn’t even listed as such on the menu at the Kettle Black Cafe in Melbourne.


Here’s what Jess McGuire told ABC Melbourne.

‘When it arrived on a piece of slate… I wasn’t angry, I just thought it was really funny.

Nothing was put together: The toast was on one section, there was what looked to be 30g of feta in a tiny square on one corner, the kelp salt was put in a line that resembled something from the movie Blow by Johnny Depp.

And the avocado – was half AN avocado – it was still in its skin. And I was like, ‘Am I putting this together?’

And here’s what everyone else made of it online.

Yes, but that’s not the … oh, it doesn’t matter.