Comedian Nish Kumar’s latest Question Time rant absolutely nails the state of Brexit

It’s not unusual for the non-politicians on BBC’s Question Time to be the ones with the most insight and reason, so when comedian Nish Kumar was asked the question “Has the government lost control of the Brexit process?” there were high expectations. He didn’t disappoint.

His passionate response absolutely nailed the situation, particularly with these words:

“We’re told it’s about returning parliamentary sovereignty, yet when the Speaker intervenes to …return sovereignty to Parliament, we’re told it’s about returning sovereignty to the will of the people.

When we’re asked if we can have a second vote for the people or a general election, we’re told it’s not about the will of the people – it was about the will of the people that one time and now the people need to shut up for the rest of their lives.”

His rant struck a chord with a lot of viewers, with some of them taking to Twitter to comment.

It’s not the first time he’s made the point about there being no actual detail available on Brexit.

Like he said – Groundhog Day.