Man tells women how to manage their periods – gets the response he deserves

The Welsh Government has taken steps to alleviate one of the distressing side effects of poverty – girls having to miss school because they can’t afford the products to manage their periods. It’s disgraceful that the policy is necessary, but good that they’ve agreed to try and tackle the issue – only, not everyone agrees. Welsh Brexiter and property developer, Marcus Stead, had a very different opinion.


The old “Poor people can live on cheap stuff so why are they moaning?” schtick never gets old, especially as it invariably comes from people who wouldn’t have a clue how to live on even double the minimum wage for a month.

Stead’s ignorant comment was given short shrift. Women weren’t happy about being told how to manage their periods by a man.

Others were highly unimpressed by his presumption to understand poverty.

Like most people, primal scheme was just unhappy with the whole arrogant declaration.

Photographer, keewa, recalled the words of Ebenezer Scrooge …

While, Twitter user, Dr Graham, expertly turned Stead’s own words against him.