How a train guard foiled a ticket cheat with detective work is essential reading

Hardworking comedian, Ignacio Lopez does a lot of travelling from gig to gig, so it’s no surprise that he’s seen some interesting sights on public transport.

He recently shared a story of how a ticket inspector turned into a regular little Columbo to foil someone’s attempt to get a free ride.

Who knows why he decided to try and scam the train guard, but Ignacio had a front-row seat for the one-act play.

It looked like it might all hinge on whose nerve gave out first.

But there was something the sleepy passenger had overlooked.

The poker face came back into play.

Would the bluff be enough? The circumstantial evidence began to mount up.

But his nerve held …

It looked like game over.

But it wasn’t … Just one more thing, Sir!

Now it’s game over.