Yorkshire Tea’s takedown of a troll who wouldn’t let that Tory photo go is a very British triumph

Yorkshire Tea has been put through the mill, you’ll no doubt have seen, after chancellor Rishi Sunak tweeted a picture of himself making a cuppa next to a giant great big bag of the stuff.

It prompted so much fury in some quarters that the Yorkshire Tea people had to go on Twitter to explain that it really was nothing to do with them and, well, why don’t we just try to be nice to each other instead?

Most people really appreciated it but not everyone took them at their word and insisted on still being angry. Really angry.

People like Sue, for instance.

They tried to be reasonable with their response, you might think.

But it didn’t stop Sue, it really didn’t.

By which time even the good people of Yorkshire Tea couldn’t take it anymore, and their final word was 10/10.

Took not just the biscuit, the whole packet, with the phrase ‘Sue, you’re shouting at tea’ going wildly viral on Twitter.

And a word of advice for everyone.


People loved Yorkshire Tea’s response after the chancellor was pictured with it making a cuppa

Source Twitter @YorkshireTea