Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin says people should keep going to pubs despite coronavirus – only 5 responses you need

Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin has been out and about today telling everyone to keep going to pubs like his, despite government advice not to go out because of coronavirus.

Just in case you can’t bring yourself to listen to him, here’s what he said.

‘Our aim is for pubs open for the duration. This could go on for a long time.

‘I think that once you shut them down it’s very difficult.

‘Supermarkets are very, very crowded. Pubs are much less crowded. There’s hardly been any transmission of the virus within pubs and I think it’s over the top to shut them.

‘That’s a commercial view but also a common sense view.’

And while we head off to double check Martin’s qualifications in public health and stuff like that, here are the only 5 responses you need.

To conclude, this …

And this.

Or – finally, promise – if you prefer it NSFW.


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