A govt advisor said children were more at risk from a car crash than Covid – 5 A** responses

Children are due to go back to school in September, most of them for the first time since March.

The government is keen for all pupils to return but it’s fair to say that a lot of parents are less enthusiastic because of the on-going risks from the pandemic.

In an attempt to reassure people that everything will be fine, England’s deputy chief medical officer and senior government advisor Dr Jenny Harries had this to say.

‘No environment is completely risk free. Every time a parent sends a child off to school, pre-Covid, they may have been involved in a road traffic accident. And in fact that risk – or the risk from seasonal flu – we think is probably higher than the current risk of Covid.’

And it’s fair to say it didn’t entirely have the reassuring effect that she was presumably hoping for.

Here are our 5 favourite responses.






This was a little extreme but not entirely unfair.

To conclude …

Or if you prefer it short and straight to the point.

And finally.


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