‘I really don’t understand the logic of anti-maskers’

The latest in an occasional series, covidiot takedown of the day goes to this exchange shared by Gary_the_mememachine on Reddit by who says: ‘I really don’t understand the logic of anti-maskers.’

And it’s a classic of the genre.


‘”You accidentally blocked me” was the icing on the insult cake.’ PN_Guin

‘The acronym was the best part in my opinion.’ mutantblake

‘There’s a point in life where you stop trying to understand people and just realise that, sadly, the majority of people in the world hold totally illogical beliefs. You just have to resign yourself to it, and choose your friends accordingly.’ ragingintrovert57

Similar but different was this, shared by fellow Redditor beerbellybegone.

Still no vaccine for stupidity.


TV fail of the day

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