Winona Ryder’s tale of how she took delicious revenge on this school bully has gone viral all over again

It’s a few years – 20, apparently – since Winona Ryder told this tale of how she took revenge on a school bully and it’s just gone viral all over again.

It was shared on Reddit by Str33twise84 who said: ‘Winona Ryder suffers no fools.’ It contains a highly offensive homophobic slur.



She told the bullying story to journalist Henry Alford in the August 2000 issue of Harper’s Bazaar,’ according to Str33twise84.

‘Brilliant! I’ve always liked her.’ kaptain_kangarooo

‘Hmmm kid getting bullied well let’s kick them out they won’t get bullied anymore.’ bluetortoise54

‘Happens to victims all the time. Not just for bullying, but rape, racism etc. Always easier to blame the perceived “weak” party than address the issue. Frankly, I intend to teach my kid how to punch and instill the idea that you never start a fight, but you damned well finish it.’ Certain-Title

‘I wonder if the school hit her up for a donation once she got famous.’ LocalInactivist


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Source Reddit u/Str33twise84