Courtney Love’s quote about her fling with Steve Coogan is pure Alan Partridge

An Instagram post by singer Courtney Love has reminded people of an extraordinary fact about her past.

This is the post.

And here’s what she wrote to go with the picture.

Steve Coogan seemed an odd inclusion, but it harked back to her brief fling with the comedian and actor. In an interview with Love Magazine, quoted by The Independent, she said:

“All it was was a couple of shags at the Sunset Marquis and I did not know he was Alan Partridge.

I had never seen Alan Partridge. But I was in a band with people who did know about Alan Partridge, so I had to make a record with them constantly saying to me: ‘Back of the net!’”


Funny tweeter, Jason – or @NickMotown – posted a screenshot, which quickly attracted the attention of thousands of people.

These are a few of our favourite reactions.

Nickurrz shared this unforgettable image.

Can’t argue with that.


Alan Partridge had an Irish Alan lookalike singing rebel songs on St Patrick’s Day and it’s peak Partridge

Source Independent Image Screengrab, Screengrab