The takedown of this ‘driving is more dangerous than the virus’ covidiot is very satisfying indeed

The great majority of people do all they can to stop the coronavirus spreading and help save lives.

Not only that, they tend not to shout about it too much and just get on with it.

A minority of people, however, remain reluctant to wear a mask or give the pandemic a fraction of the seriousness it deserves. And they do love to tell everyone about it, too.

Which makes it all the more satisfying when this sort of thing happens, a covidiot destroyed by numbers, shared by beerbellybegone over on Reddit.

‘When did they start calling us Doomers?’ asked beerbellybegone. And a few of the other things people said …

‘Of course we also require seatbelts, a license proving ability to drive safely, a variety of safety measures in the car and failing all of that insurance. Y’know, sort of like requiring a mask.’ joemondo

‘Not to mention you cant prevent 70-90% of crashes by just wearing a mask.’ Madhatter25224

‘Yeah, car accidents aren’t highly contagious.’ ChargingWirelessly

‘Plus no one is claiming that cars are perfectly safe. If I didn’t have to drive to work (public transport in my area is garbage) I’d be doing a lot less driving than I am now. Anti-maskers have this stupid all-or-nothing mentality where any attempt to recognize and mitigate risk is treated as people quaking in fear. Driving is always a little bit stressful, just like walking into a grocery store during COVID is. But I still do it because I’ve got to eat at some point.’ MadManMax55


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Source Reddit u/beerbellybegone