Watching this plane landing on a screen inside the plane is quite the trip

It’s been a while since we’ve been on a plane and we’ve never been on one that did this.

Screens on the back of seats we’re familiar with – it’s not been that long – but we didn’t know the screens showed live video of the plane landing … while it lands.

It’s been speeded up a bit, obviously, but anyway …

The clip went viral after it was shared by Redditor WhenMachinesCry on the interestingasfuck subReddit and here are just a few of the things people said about it.

‘That is fucking terrifying.’ ProLeafic

‘It’s severely sped up. It’s mainly the speed, at least for me, that makes it terrifying to look at.’ SavvySillybug

‘I love watching these. I remember the last 747 I flew in with Lufthansa had that overhead camera and also a nose camera. As a pilot, I have “control issues” and like to see what’s happening during landing :-)’

‘What’s interestingasfuck isn’t the actual landing. It’s the fact that OP found a plane where the exterior camera views were actually working.’ DX2JX2

And here it is with the image stabilised by stabbot.

We’re with this person.

‘This video is for me. I have a MASSIVE fear of flying. I always get a window seat if possible. Why would I do such a thing, if I’m afraid, you ask? I like being able to see the intact wing and engine.

‘Seriously. If there’s ever a weird bump, I can look out the window, see that at least my engine isn’t on fire, and know that we can probably make an emergency landing if needed. (I’ve never been in an emergency flight scenario. Rough turbulence at worst. I’m aware this is all in my head and looking out a window won’t help me.)

‘However, if you’re telling me I can see the ENTIRE PLANE not be on fire… sign me up!!!!’ Malinathetree


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Source Reddit u/WhenMachinesCry gfycat