A local radio DJ put out an unlikely request for Russell Crowe and it turned into today’s best thing

This is just a fabulous tale which began when a local radio DJ put out the most unlikely-sounding request for Russell Crowe.

It’s Steve Harris of BBC Radio Solent on the south coast of England who said this on Twitter today.

A ‘long shot’ is surely exactly right.

This person had an idea.

Except there was no need because you’ll never guess what happened next. Well, actually, you probably have.

It’s the man himself!

And this is what he did.


And here are just a few of the things people said about it after the exchange went viral.


‘The Dolmio Family doing the “funny how?” scene from Goodfellas’

Source Twitter @steveharrisDJ H/T Twitter @MikeHolden42 Image BBC and screengrab