Dido Harding claims nobody could have predicted Covid variants – 14 predictably brutal responses

Dido Harding is the head of the government’s Test and Trace programme, as well as the acting chairperson of the National Institute for Health Protection, which means she has a huge role in the fight against Covid-19.

It was, therefore, a little baffling when she told a Commons select committee that nobody could have predicted that the virus would mutate.

It’s a bit like hearing the head baker casually mention that nobody would ever have suspected that bread dough could double in size if left to prove.

You know you’re supposed to be in the presence of an expert in their field, but there are so many red flags, you’re beginning to wonder if you’ve stumbled into a meeting of the Manchester United Supporters’ Club.

It’s not even the first time Baroness Harding has gone down this particularly unconvincing avenue. There was also this

Her second public exclamation that nobody could have predicted an entirely predictable thing earned her as much scorn as the first.

We gathered some excellent examples.